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Design and produce multifunction shelters and special vehicles for military and civilian uses

Welcome to KF Mobile Systems! As a professional high-tech enterprise deeply engaged in shelter and specialty vehicle industry, KF is excellent in producing expandable shelters, non-expandable shelters, and various specialty vehicles like mobile kitchen, refrigerated truck, mobile laboratory, water purification truck, mobile command post, etc. These top-quality shelter solutions and special vehicles cover a wide range of industries, such as communication, medical treatment, epidemic prevention, cold chain transportation, and so on. They are well applicable for both military and civil uses, well received by domestic and overseas customers. As one of the earliest Chinese enterprises actively involved in the R and D and production of multi-function shelter and refrigerated vehicle, KF has established a professional and competent design and engineering team, who are capable of offering profession system solutions. In addition, we can customize medical vehicle, refrigerated truck, mobile communication vehicle, and other products. If you are looking for premium military shelters or special vehicles, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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    1. Mobile Vending Truck

      The mobile vending truck saves you from spending much money on store rent and worrying about low traffic due to bad location and makes it possible to sell your products at any location you want.

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    1. Basic Life Support Vehicle

      The basic life support vehicle is a kind of specialty vehicle designed to provide outdoor personnel with relatively comfortable living conditions and necessary equipment like kitchen, shower and toilet for daily usage.

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    1. Mobile Hospital (Shelter)

      The mobile hospital based on shelter is able to fast and flexibly get turned into a filed emergency mobile hospital with independent self-support ability once natural disasters or public health incidents take place.

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    1. Mobile Hospital (Vehicle)

      The mobile hospital is able to fast and flexibly get turned into a filed emergency mobile hospital with independent self-support ability once natural disasters or public health incidents take place.

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    1. Refrigerated Truck (Less than 2 Ton)

      The refrigerated truck is a special truck with container for weight under 2 Ton. As a professional special vehicle manufacturer in China, our company offers you a variety of refrigerated trucks with the load capacity below 2 tons.

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    1. Refrigeration Truck (More than 10 Ton)

      Three models of refrigeration truck with loading capacity more than 10 ton are described here. The maximum load capacity reaches 25,000 kilograms. These refrigerated trucks are equipped with powerful 6-cylinder engines from Isuzu or Dongfeng Cummins.

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    1. CKD Refrigerated Truck Body

      The CKD refrigerated truck body is a totally enclosed cuboid-shaped compartment, possessing great thermal insulation performance and fully meeting the requirement for low-temperature transport.

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    1. Wheel Lifter Mechanism (Container Moving Set)

      The crawler-type traveling mechanism is ideal for loading/unloading containers and shelters at low speed, and it is mainly applied to transport containers and shelters on paved road (above Chinese National Class II Standard) or carry them in and out of warehouse.

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    1. Tent

      The KF tents are applicable under circumstances with temperature of -30ºC to 50 ºC and relative humidity above 90%, keeping the existing tactical and technical indexes and major materials’ physical and chemical properties unchanged.

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  • Service
  • Apart from first-level shelters and special vehicles, KF is able to offer comprehensive and sincere services. Our holistic service system mainly consists of the following there parts.

    Pre-Sales Service
    1. Customization service available
    2. Professional design scheme
    3. Product operation training

    OEM Service
    With the annual production capacity of 2000 sets and a team of experienced designers, engineers and technicians, KF is extraordinary in offering OEM service of special vehicles and mobile shelter systems.