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Double-side Expandable Shelter (Manual Type)

The double side expandable shelter is manually operated and its expanding time is less than 5 minutes by 2 persons. After expansion, the shelter with double side expandable container covers a 33.6 m2 usable area with the same external dimensions as an ISO 20ft international shipping container.

When used singly, the two-side expandable shelter with different equipments is able to build various functional shelters, such as meeting room, library, command post, field office, etc.; when used in combination with other shelters, tents, the double side expandable shelter can build a modular system like mobile hospital.

Disaster rescue: hospital
Field life: kitchen room, laundry, camp, meeting room, library, lab, office
Wartime support: command post
Military training: simulation

1. 100% mechanical, no need for external power
2. Excellent performance in all kinds of climates
3. Simple operation ad convenient maintenance
4. Competitive price

Manufactured using our patented high technologies and in line with China National Military Standard, this multi-function shelter offers a capacious space. And the movable shelter is well applicable for command post, mobile hospital, mobile library, meeting room, mobile home, etc.

Technical Parameters
External dimensions before expansion (L*W*H): 6058*2438*2438 mm
Internal dimensions before expansion (L*W*H): ≮5200*1730*2100 mm
External dimensions after expansion (L*W*H): 6058*5845*2438 mm
Internal dimension after expansion (L*W*H): ≮5200*5750*2100 (main cabin)/ 2000 (side cabin) mm
Shelter weight: 3.2T
Time of unfolding or folding: ≤5 min / 2 persons
Panel material: Sandwich Panel

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Two-side Expandable Shelter (Manual Type)

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