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Two-side Expandable Shelter ( Electric Type)

The two side expandable shelter comes with electric operated slide out container and features electric/manual dual mode expansion, making sure it is convenient to operate within 3 minutes, offering a 30.2 ㎡ usable area. The floor in the main cabin and side cabin is a flat one, and there is no step between them.

When used singly, the electrically operated expandable shelter with different equipments is able to build various functional shelters, such as meeting room, library, command post, field office, etc.; when used in combination with other shelters, tents, the multi-function shelter can build a modular system.

Disaster rescue
Field life
Wartime support
Military training

1.Electric/manual dual mode expansion
2.Suitable for both sides mounted equipment.

Technical Parameters
External dimensions before expansion (L*W*H): 6058*6212*2438 mm
Internal dimensions after expansion (L*W*H): 5700 (middle) /5200 (left) /4960 (right) *5482*2050(middle) /1950 (left) /1800 (right) mm

KF has been deeply engaged in the shelter and special vehicle industry for more than a decade, we are excellent in crafting a wide range of reliable shelters like mobile command post shelter, medical shelter, communication shelter, etc. We assure you that we will strive to ensure what we make is exactly what you want.

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