1. Double-side Expandable Shelter (Manual Type) Manufactured using our patented high technologies and in line with China National Military Standard, this multi-function shelter offers a capacious space. And the movable shelter is well applicable for command post, mobile hospital, mobile library, meeting room, mobile home, etc.
    1. Two-side Expandable Shelter (Hydraulic Type)Equipped with a hydraulic system and dumbbell-style rubber hinge, this two side expandable shelter, which comes with hydraulic driven expandable container, can be automatically unfolded on vehicle or ground, covering an area of 33.7m2(33.2 usable area) within 2 minutes.
    1. Two-side Expandable Shelter ( Electric Type) The two side expandable shelter comes with electric operated slide out container and features electric/manual dual mode expansion, making sure it is convenient to operate within 3 minutes, offering a 30.2 ㎡ usable area.
    1. Single-side Expandable Shelter (Manual Type) The single side expandable shelter is available with a manual operated expandable container (1:2) can offer 23.1m² usable area and its external dimensions are in line with an ISO 20ft international shipping container. The side cabin can be set up with sandwich panel and/or tent.
    1. Single-side Expandable shelter (with Tent) When used singly, the soft side expandable shelter is able to create various functional shelters, such as meeting room, command post, library, field office, etc.; when used in combination with other expandable/fixed shelters ...
    1. Non-Expandable Shelter (Fixed Shelter)The external dimensions of the non-expandable shelter are the same as these of an ISO 20ft international shipping container, and it covers a 12.8 ㎡ usable area.

Shelters for Military, Medical, Camp ---providing multiple mobile platforms for your equipment

KF shelter is extensively applicable for military usage(military shelters) and civil usage (civil shelters). When used singly, the shelter is able to create various functional shelters, like meeting room, mobile command post, communication control center, TV editing center, radio transmitting station, transposer station, generator station and so on; when used in combination with other expandable shelters, tents and equipment, the shelter can set up large-scale facilities like field hospital, field base, etc.

All kinds of shelters with different usable areas are available for various clients, such as non-expandable shelter, medical shelter, two-side expandable shelter, communication shelter, etc. On demand, we can customize client-specific shelters for a wide range of applications, which are fitted with different equipment inside. The interior equipment can be delicately selected by us, or purchased by yourselves. To ensure you can set up interior equipment at ease, we will install the internal circuit in advance.

Technical Advantages
KF has rich experience in special shelter development and manufacture, boasting multiple proprietary shelter patents and domestically exclusive shelter manufacturing technologies. Many mobile shelters designed and crafted by KF, such as level I, II, III electronic shelters, mechanical shelter, side-pulling shelter, tilt-turn shelter and so on, have been leading the industry. Besides, our manually operated expandable shelter is one and only in China, developed based on the imported technologies from France.

1.Great mobility

KF mobile shelter can be conveniently shipped by sea, land (railway, highway) and air (transport plane, helicopter). With matched vehicles, traveling wheels or other devices, KF shelter can travel for a certain distance.

2. Reliable protection
Using solid materials and structure, KF mobile shelter can provide reliable protection. You can also choose the materials and structure you desire and we will customize one on your specific demand.

3. Excellent operating environment
We assure you that our shelters are reliable for long-time continuous operation. Even in terrible wild environment, our mobile shelters can provide excellent operating environment, ensuring smooth and normal operation for communication, command, fighting, logistics, etc.

4. Wide product range
Apart from standard shelters, we are capable of designing and crafting different series for a variety of applications like shelters for field operations, mobile home, etc. We try our best to make sure they are suitable for industrial production and maintenance, forming their own series and system. It is also worth mentioning that KF is able to develop large-plate shelters.

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