Mobile Command Post (Hydraulic Expandable Shelter)

The mobile command post, designed in the form of a hydraulic expandable shelter, can be used as temporary command post, emergency command post, meeting room and so on in the field.

The mobile command post adopts hydraulic (four-panel linkage) foldable structure, offering an up to 36m2 area after expansion. Within 2 minutes, the foldable shelter can be totally unfolded or folded.

The mobile command post is excellent in receiving and displaying audio and video signals from technical support vehicle in real time, showing battlefield situation, collecting information on casualties and conducting on-scene command.

Features of Mobile Command Post
1.Hydraulic (four-linkage) folding type
2.Receives and displays the video and audio signals provided by technical support cars in time.
3. Shows battlefield situation and statistical information on battle damage from fighting systems, and simulates a field command post.

Technical Parameters
External dimension in expending status(mm): 6058*6212*2438
External dimension in folding status (mm): 6058*2438*2438
Expending time: <2min
Expended area: 36m2

Our creative and seasoned design team is able to customize client-specific mobile command post in accordance with your demands. You can also choose your desired internal equipment to install inside. Please contact us now if you want to know more about the hydraulic folding command post, we are always at your service.

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