Mobile Command Post (Fixed Shelter)

The mobile command post is often used as temporary military command post in the field.

Using a fixed shelter, the top-quality specialty vehicle provides an up to 12.8m2 area for command operation. While traveling, the mobile command post allows 1 to 2 persons to work uninterruptedly.

This non-expandable mobile command post is efficient and effective in receiving and displaying audio and video signals acquired from the front end and showing battlefield situation in real time, ideal for conducting on-scene command.

Features of Mobile Command Post
1.Non-expandable shelter
2. Receives and displays the audio and video signals collected from the front end, show battlefield situation, and simulates a field command post.
3. During driving, uninterrupted operation of 1-2 persons is allowed in the compartment.

Technical Parameters
External dimension in folding status (mm): 6058*2438*2438
Working area: 12.8m2

KF has been actively involved in the shelter industry for a decade. Our creative and seasoned design team is able to customize client-specific mobile command post catering to your demands. You can also choose your desired internal equipment to install inside. For more information about this command post or other military shelters, please contact us right now.

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