Mobile Communication Vehicle

Mainly applied to collect, sort, process and transmit intelligence information under field condition, the mobile communication vehicle can be used as part of command network, such as comunicaiton node vehicle, emergency communication vehicle, intelligence gathering and command post, temporary communication vehicle, command operation hub, command vehicle for field operations, etc.

The mobile communication vehicle provides the command post with a mobile home and services such as image and data transmission by means of wire/wireless communication interaction, like satellite communication (satcom on the move included) equipment, micro-wave transmission device, short/ultra-short wave transmission equipment, etc.

The mobile communication vehicle allows for data/voice compatibility, automatic linking, and link self-inspection, creating a system together with reconnaissance vehicles of headquarters, military region and division. By offering various power supply modes, this mobile communication vehicle can ensure uninterrupted operation under field condition.

Main Configurations of Mobile Communication Vehicle
Wire and wireless communication devices, optical transmission device, PCM terminal,video recorder, front-end transceiver, wireless transmitter, communication network, air conditioner, database, safety control system, etc.

Our reliable chassis are purchased from famous chassis brands, like IVECO, ISUZU, JMC, etc. And our shelters and vehicle cabins are manufactured by ourselves. This mobile communication vehicle can be tailor-made according to your requirements and the internal equipment can be adjusted or replaced as well. Our well-trained design team with years of experience will make sure what we design and make is exactly what you want.

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