Emergency Communication Vehicle

The emergency communication vehicle integrates the communication system onto the chassis of an Iveco vehicle, well suitable for a lot of applications. It can be used as mobile communication truck, military command vehicle, communication vehicle for field operations, communication vehicle for rescue, etc.

The video recording device at the front of the emergency communication truck features high maneuverability, high degree of invisibility and round-the-clock operation and long-time recording. It also allows for sending multi-channel video to the emergency communication truck to display.

The high definition images can better meet the requirements for emergency communication command, emergency response and on-site information collection, providing an all-around and full-featured platform, extensively applicable for armed police, public security, waterway shipping industry, oil industry and other fields.

Main Configurations of Emergency Communication Vehicle
The emergency communication vehicle incorporates satellite communication subsystem, remote wire transmission subsystem, ultra-short wave communication subsystem, video meeting subsystem, video monitoring subsystem, broadcasting subsystem, vehicle leveling subsystem, adaptive antenna subsystem, power supply subsystem, safety subsystem, etc.

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