Medical Support Vehicle

The medical support vehicle is mainly used as an on-scene command operation system for field hospital under field condition.

The emergency support vehicle allows for video transmission within 3km.The remote communication system can collect real-time audio and video information from on-scene emergency room, operation room and ward room temporarily set up by field hospital. Through internal data interaction system of the medical support vehicle, chiefs and technical experts can master situation, and conduct command and coordination.

Main Configurations of Medical Support Vehicle
Wire/wireless communication system, image acquisition and transmission equipment, LAN switch, 2kVA digital generator, X-ray film viewer

The military vehicle for medical command features top-quality chassis from IVECO, ISUZU, JMC and other famous chassis brands and the vehicle shelter is independently designed and crafted by KF. Our creative design team with professional knowledge and rich experience is extraordinary in customizing client-specific medical support vehicle in accordance with your demands. You can choose your desired internal equipment to install inside as well. Please contact us now if you want to know more about the specialty vehicle to support medical information for field hospital, we are always at your service.

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