Telecommunication (Specialty Vehicle and Shelter Solution for Command and Control)

    1. Mobile Command Post (Manual Expandable Shelter)The mobile command vehicle can effectively receive and display audio and video signals from communication vehicle, and clearly show real-time battlefield situation, well applicable for on-scene command.
    1. Mobile Command Post (Hydraulic Expandable Shelter)The mobile command post is excellent in receiving and displaying audio and video signals from technical support vehicle in real time, showing battlefield situation, collecting information on casualties and conducting on-scene command.
    1. Mobile Command Post (Fixed Shelter)Using a fixed shelter, the top-quality specialty vehicle provides an up to 12.8m2 area for command operation. While traveling, the mobile command post allows 1 to 2 persons to work uninterruptedly.
    1. Mobile Communication VehicleThe mobile communication vehicle allows for data/voice compatibility, automatic linking, and link self-inspection, creating a system together with reconnaissance vehicles of headquarters, military region and division.
    1. Emergency Communication VehicleThe video recording device at the front of the emergency communication truck features high maneuverability, high degree of invisibility and round-the-clock operation and long-time recording.
    1. Medical Support VehicleThe remote communication system can collect real-time audio and video information from on-scene emergency room, operation room and ward room temporarily set up by field hospital.
    1. Specialty Truck for Construction Monitoring and Data ControlThe specialty truck for construction monitoring and data control purpose is divided into two kinds, namely network controlled vehicle and manually controlled vehicle, applicable for acidification, sand prevention, fracturing treatment in onshore oil and gas wells.

By optimally using modern system integration technology, perfectly integrating satellite communication, wire and wireless transmission, network interconnection, electromagnetic shielding and other technologies, the specialty vehicle and shelter solution for command and control are provided to meet the standards for field operation command. The special vehicles are ideal military vehicles and field command vehicles.

The multi-function vehicles with multiple transmission means and network service system achieve diversified operation command, networked information transmission, and automated command operation.

Technical Advantages
KF is proud of our well-educated and well-experienced team of designers, engineers and technicians. We are excellent in providing you with advanced, practical integrated communication/control system on your specific demand, which includes large-scale expandable shelters, various matched specialty vehicles and modern communication integration technology.