Mobile Toilet and Shower (Shelter)

The fixed shelter, integrating the functions of both mobile toilets and mobile showers, is mainly used for showing and using the toilet in the field conveniently.

Applications of Mobile Toilets and Mobile Showers
Mining company, power company, oil field, exterior shooting of film companies, field drill
Emergency rescue
Frontier defence, rural healthcare
Field working of army / police / armed police

The product is a non-expandable shelter with male and female shower rooms and toilet rooms. The mobile shower allows 4 persons to use simultaneously, and the mobile toilet is equipped with 4 toilets, 3 urinals and 2 hand sinks.

As a professional Chinese shelter manufacturer, KF has accumulated extremely rich experience in special shelter design and production. We are able to customize all kinds of top-quality special shelters in accordance with your specific requirements. Please contact us right now if you are interested in this extraordinary non-expandable shelter that combines the functions of mobile toilets and mobile shower units.

Technical Parameters

External dimensions (L*W*H)(mm): 6058*2438*2438
Internal dimensions (L*W*H)(mm): ≮5500*2200*2100
Out skin: Aluminum panel
Insulation: PU foam
Inner skin: Stainless steel
Main configurations: toilet divider, toilet, hand sink, flush-free urinal, electric water heater
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