Mobile Kitchen Vehicle

The mobile kitchen vehicle is a kind of food truck outfitted with cooking appliances. It is mainly used to steam, boil, fry food under field condition, making it possible to cook rice and all kinds of non-staple food and carry a lot of food materials and fuels. The mobile kitchen fitted with staple and non-staple food processing equipment allows for washing, refrigerated storage, vegetable cutting, distribution, etc. It can serve as military kitchen vehicle, food vending vehicle, etc.

Applications of Mobile Kitchen Vehicle
They can be moved and used in:
Rural areas
Remodeling of hospital services
Natural disasters
Mining camps
Oil camps
Military bases

1.The field kitchen is able to carry fuel, food materials and water for 80 to 120 people per hour.
2. It allows for cooking food and boiling water while moving.
3. This mobile kitchen vehicle adopts model OFIM8140.43S3 engine, leading to high maneuverability.
4. It incorporates Italian G3 gas burner, ensuring excellent energy saving and environmental protection.

Technical Parameters of Mobile Kitchen Vehicle

Capacity: 80~120 person/hour
Product model: KFT5050XCS
Chassis model: IVECO NJ1056SFX6
Engine model: SOFIM8140.43S3
Vehicle external dimensions(L*W*H)(mm): 5990*2020*3030
Compartment external dimensions(L*W*H)(mm): 3600*2050*2000
Curb weight(kg): 5000
Power supply: City power, Generator, Inverter
Main configurations: Food stoves, freezer, stainless steel kitchen table, cabinet, water tank, oil way system, diesel generator

Related Names
Mobile Kitchen | Field Kitchen | Outside Kitchen | Miliatry Kitchen

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