Laundry Vehicle

The laundry vehicle is ideal for washing clothes and bedclothes of all kinds of fabrics in field condition.

Mining company, power company, oil field, exterior shooting of film companies, field drill
Emergency rescue
Frontier defence, rural healthcare
Field working of army / police / armed police

The well applicable mobile laundry trailer is gaining its popularity for its large washing capacity, high mobility and satisfactory cleaning and drying performance. Due to its extraordinary performance, the laundry vehicle can be used as field laundry truck.

1. The laundry equipment with light weight can wash large quantities of laundries. The mobile laundry truck can wash clothes with 40kg in dry weight within 1 hour and dry them within half hour.
2. The dryer incorporates hot air recirculation technology, allowing for reusing 67-70% hot air. The specially developed anti-intertwist and anti-wrinkle technologies make sure the drying performance is exceptional.
3. The washer is designed according to the suspension structure, leading to low noise and big volume.

Technical Parameters

Capacity: Washing: 40kg/hour
Drying: 80kg/hour
Product model: KFT5126XBX4
Chassis Model: DFL1120B3
Vehicle External Dimension(L*W*H)( mm): 7230*2370*3000
Compartment external dimension (L*W*H) (mm): 5000*2360*2200
Power supply: City Power, Generator Set
Main configurations: Washer
Electric system
Water system
Oil system
Heat source system
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