Toilet Truck

The toilet truck makes it extremely convenient for people at some places where population is dense. All the sewage of the mobile toilet can be collected or discharged in an environment-friendly way.

Mining company, power company, oil field, exterior shooting of film companies, field drill
Emergency rescue
Frontier defence, rural healthcare
Field working of army / police / armed police 

Completely compliant with the dimension requirements of relevant regulations, the mobile toilet allows ten people to use simultaneously. The chassis adopts top-quality Nanjing NJ1056SJX5 chassis, and the shelter is equipped with necessary sanitation devices, like toilet, waste bin, basin and so on, largely reducing the impact on environment.

Advantages Compared with Fixed Toilet
1.The waste on the restroom trailer can be properly treated without harming environment.
2. No peculiar smell, no air pollution.
3. Small in size, easy to use, convenient to move; no region, environment, or temperature limitations.
4.The good-looking appearance beautifies city environment.

Technical Parameters

Capacity: 5 toilets and 5 urinals
Sewage mode: (1) Packing with plastic bags.
(2) To the dug hole in the field.
(3) To the city pipe sewage system.
Feature: 1. No operation limitations.
2. Easy to clean with stainless steel inner skin.
3. Environment-friendly
4. High mobility.
5. Cheaper than a fixed toilet.
Product model: KFHQ-V-CS
Chassis model: IVECO NJ1056SJX5
Vehicle external dimensions (L*W*H) (mm): 7052*2000*3280
Compartment external dimensions (L*W*H) (mm): 4500*2000*2454

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Mobile Toilet | Field Toilet | Military Toilet

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