Power Station Vehicle

The power station vehicle is excellent in providing power support for matched vehicle, electric equipment used under field condition, power-off or no-power remote regions and disaster-hit areas.

The power station vehicle consists of vehicle generator system, fixed shelter assembly, modified chassis, electrical control system, ventilating system, noise reduction system, cable management system, lifting illumination system, etc. And the generator on the low noise power station vehicle is delicately selected from well-known generator brands like KOHLER, CUMMINS, KIPOR, etc. You are also free to select your desired brand. This specialty vehicle with power generator can be used as emergency power station. If the power station trailer does peek your interest, please contact us right now for more information.

Technical Parameters

Generator Set: Model KOHLER, KD130
Prime power KVA 120
KW 96
Non-firm power KVA 132
KW 106
Fuel consumption L/H 18.5
External dimensions MM 2370*1110*1480
Net weight KG 1570
Capacity of the fuel tank L 340
Product model: KFHQ-V-YDDZ
Chassis model JIEFANG CA1128PK2L2EA80
Vehicle external dimensions (L*W*H) (mm): 8510*2480*3520
Compartment external dimensions (L*W*H) (mm): 6058*2438*2100
Rated load(kg): 9110
Curb weight (kg): 10740
Payload (kg): 3380

Related Names
Power Supply Vehicle | Generator Vehicle | Mobile Power Station

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