Basic Life Support Vehicle

The basic life support vehicle is a kind of specialty vehicle designed to provide outdoor personnel with relatively comfortable living conditions and necessary equipment like kitchen, shower and toilet for daily usage.

The basic life support vehicle totally meets the requirements for rigidity and strength and its technical indicators are within the safety allowance. In addition, the field support vehicle boasts high safety, mobility, reliability, maintainability, good-looking internal and external appearances, unified ergonomic design and great compatibility with chassis for different transport requirements.

Applications of Basic Life Support Vehicle
Mining company, power company, oil field, exterior shooting of film companies, field drill
Emergency rescue
Frontier defence, rural healthcare
Field working of army / police / armed police

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Technical Parameters of Basic Life Support Vehicle

Chassis model: DFL1160BX5
Compartment external dimensions (L*W*H) (mm): 6000*2460*2300
Main configurations: Bedroom: upper and lower bed, wardrobe
Bathroom: toilet, shower facility
Kitchen room: ovens, range hood, water boiler, worktable, sink, storage cabinet, refrigerator, air conditioner, ventilator

Related Names
Life Guarantee Vehicle | Mobile Living Vehicle | Mobile Camping

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