Shower Truck

The shower truck can make it convenient for people to take shower in wild field, providing excellent mobile shower solution.

Mining company, power company, oil field, exterior shooting of film companies, field drill
Emergency rescue
Frontier defence, rural healthcare
Field working of army / police / armed police

The interior of the compartment and all the parts are made of stainless steel materials. Designed with self-actuated structure, this field shower truck allows 4 to 10 persons to shower simultaneously and supports autonomous power supply (vehicle generator), external electric grid supply and power van supply.

1.The vehicle generator alone can supply enough electricity for regular operation. Also, the mobile shower truck supports external power supply and purified water supply for its regular operation.
2. The shower truck makes it possible to pump water from river and reservoir, purify and heat it to make it suitable for shower.
3. The shower truck allows you to use municipal network water supply or other water supplies.

Interior Structure
1.The mobile shower facility is divided into front cabin (shower room) and rear cabin (equipment room).
2. The shower system installed in the front cabin includes hot water pipeline, shower nozzle, skylight for ventilation, towel rack, soap box, etc.
3. The devices fitted in the rear room contains water purification device, water purification tank, water boiler, air heater, generator, water mixing valve, air pipeline, etc.

Technical Parameters
Performance: 4-10 persons/per time
Product model: KFT5167XLY4
Chassis model: ZZ2167M4627D1
Vehicle external dimensions (L*W*H)(mm): 9120,8520*2550*3890,3750,3640
Main configurations: Water boiler, water purification system, water tank, air heater, shower system, generator
Power supply: Generator, City Power
Water source: River, lake, reservoir and daily water

Related Names
Mobile Shower | Field Shower | Military Shower

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