Logistics (Specialty Vehicle and Shelter Solution for Living )

    1. Mobile Vending Truck

      The mobile vending truck saves you from spending much money on store rent and worrying about low traffic due to bad location and makes it possible to sell your products at any location you want.

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    1. Mobile Kitchen Vehicle The mobile kitchen fitted with staple and non-staple food processing equipment allows for washing, refrigerated storage, vegetable cutting, distribution, etc. It can serve as military kitchen vehicle, food vending vehicle, etc.
    1. Kitchen TrailerMobile kitchen trailer is prepared for military or civilian uses. It can cook for the military, civil staff who doesn’t live in the steady place, it also can cook for the logistics, military or civil facilities, and field hospitals under the sanitary conditions.
    1. Laundry Vehicle The well applicable mobile laundry trailer is gaining its popularity for its large washing capacity, high mobility and satisfactory cleaning and drying performance. Due to its extraordinary performance, the laundry vehicle can be used as field laundry truck.
    1. Toilet TruckCompletely compliant with the dimension requirements of relevant regulations, the mobile toilet allows ten people to use simultaneously.
    1. Power Station VehicleThe power station vehicle is excellent in providing power support for matched vehicle, electric equipment used under field condition, power-off or no-power remote regions and disaster-hit areas.
    1. Basic Life Support Vehicle

      The basic life support vehicle is a kind of specialty vehicle designed to provide outdoor personnel with relatively comfortable living conditions and necessary equipment like kitchen, shower and toilet for daily usage.

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    1. Shower TruckDesigned with self-actuated structure, this field shower truck allows 4 to 10 persons to shower simultaneously and supports autonomous power supply (vehicle generator), external electric grid supply and power van supply.
    1. Water Purification TruckThe water purification truck is effective in deeply purifying tap water, well water, river water and so on, effectively removing various pollutants and conveniently making drinkable water.
    1. Hot Food and Water Delivery VehicleThe hot food and water delivery vehicle with a triple-mode power supply is capable of delivering hot food and soups for 500 persons at a time, fast giving out food , and effectively washing, sterilizing and drying tableware after dinner, and even offering hot water.
    1. Camping VehicleThis filed camping vehicle stands out with high safety, mobility, reliability, maintainability, good-looking internal and external appearances, unified ergonomic design and great compatibility with chassis for different transport requirements.
    1. Mobile Kitchen and Laundry (Shelter)The mobile kitchen is fitted with hot food preparation and heating equipment, suitable for making any delicious food; the mobile laundry room is equipped with a laundry machine and dryer, capable of washing bedclothes and clothes with 40kg in dry weight per hour and drying 40kg laundry per half hour.
    1. Mobile Toilet and Shower (Shelter)The product is a non-expandable shelter with male and female shower rooms and toilet rooms. The mobile shower allows 4 persons to use simultaneously, and the mobile toilet is equipped with 4 toilets, 3 urinals and 2 hand sinks.

We provide professional specialty vehicle and shelter solution for living. The specialty vehicles and shelters are designed in accordance with the requirements for troop-based support and region-based support of modern military logistics equipment. KF conducts modularized design and systematized design on logistics support products (like comprehensive equipment for field operations), plans and realizes the functions of comprehensive military support system including food supply, camping, transport, equipment maintenance and inspection, military medical system and son, and improves the ability to provide systematic, organizational and large-scale support under field condition.

Technical Advantages
KF has been involved in the research and manufacture of new-generation logistics equipment (military vehicles,military shelters) of Chinese military for a long time. Our mobile kitchen, hot meal delivery vehicle, refrigerated truck, water purification truck and the like make up of the eating support system; camping vehicle, life support vehicle, shower truck, laundry vehicle and so on form the living support system. These specialty vehicles and shelters for living achieve professional logistical support function and demonstrate the idea of real-time transport command, logistical support modularization and military equipment integralization.