Mobile Hospital (Shelter)

The mobile hospital based on shelter is able to fast and flexibly get turned into a filed emergency mobile hospital with independent self-support ability once natural disasters or public health incidents take place.

Wartime, disaster, emergency rescue
Military hygiene medial security
Civil support of humanitarianism
Hospital infrastructure intensified

The mobile hospital shelter system consists of 11 two-side manually expandable shelters (1:3), 5 non-expandable shelters (1:1) and some soft connecting channels. The external dimensions of every shelter are in line with a 20ft ISO international shipping container and convenient for transportation.

This medical shelter is divided in the following areas:
1.Medical Unit
operation pretreatment
water supply

2.Ward Unit

3.Living Support Unit
medical gas

Performance of Mobile Hospitals
1. General casualty triage in accordance with injury and treatment
2. Emergency treatment, emergency operation, early treatment, imaging diagnosis
3. Clinical biochemistry, hematology, bacteriological inspection
4. Washing and disinfection of surgical instruments, cloth sheet, surgical dressing, etc.
5. Medicinal materials supply, prescription dispensing, blood supply and match
6. Technical supports for water, electricity, medical gas, air-condition and so on
7. Accommodation and treatment for the sick and wounded

Technical Parameters of Mobile Hospitals
1. Non-Foldable Shelter
External dimensions (L*W*H): 6058 mm*2438 mm* 2438 mm
Internal dimensions (L*W*H): ≮5500 mm*2200 mm*2100 mm

2. Double-Foldable Shelter
External dimensions before expansion (L*W*H): 6058 mm*2438 mm*2438 mm
Internal dimensions before expansion (L*W*H): ≮5200 mm*1730 mm*2100 mm
External dimension after expansion (L*W*H): 6058 mm*5845 mm*2438 mm
Internal dimension after expansion (L*W*H): ≮5200 mm*5750 mm*2100 mm /2000mm (main cabin/side shelter)

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