Mobile Hospital (Vehicle)

The mobile hospital is able to fast and flexibly get turned into a filed emergency mobile hospital with independent self-support ability once natural disasters or public health incidents take place.

War time, disaster, emergency rescue

The mobile hospital based on vehicle is divided into the following areas:
1.Medical Unit
operation vehicle
x-ray diagnosis vehicle
biochemical inspection vehicle
sterilization/supply vehicle
2.Ward Unit
tent support vehicle
two sets of ward tents
3.Living Support Unit
life support vehicle
water and power vehicle
camping vehicle
communication command vehicle

This specialty vehicle together with other multi-function vehicles can quickly build a temporary emergency hospital as a critical part in rescues of disaster-hit areas and battle fields.

Performance of Mobile Hospitals
1.Emergency treatment, emergency operation, early treatment, imaging diagnosis
2.Clinical biochemistry, hematology, bacteriological inspection
3.Sterilized supply, washing and disinfection of surgical instruments
4. Technical supports for electricity, medical gas, air-condition and so on
5. Necessary living support

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