Blood Service Vehicle

The blood service vehicle is used for transport and storage of whole blood and plasma. It can serve as part of mobile hospital for blood supply and transportation.

1. Transport capacity: up to 100,000 ml per time.
2. Temperature in blood bank:
4ºC±2 ºC (for transport and storage of whole blood in bags and plasma)
-20 ºC±2 ºC(for transport and storage of frozen plasma)
3. Quality of transported blood complies with the requirements for blood transfusion and injection for people.

The field blood transport truck is able to run under harsh climate and road conditions, ensuring the safe transport of blood and frozen plasma at field. The temperature in blood bank is well suitable for the storage and preservation of blood and plasma. And blood and plasma are secured in fixed position during driving so as to avoid vibration and breakage.

The shelter of the special rescue vehicle is divided into a front cabin and a rear cabin, featuring a superior refrigerating structure. The front cabin is used for equipment installation and regular operation, and the rear cabin with a split rear door is used as blood storage room (blood bank). There are blood shelves and baskets in the blood bank, and the blood baskets can be used as blood and frozen plasma containers during loading, unloading and transportation. The pull-type structure of blood shelf and basket can ensure reliable transport and avoid damage.

The temperature of the storage environment (internal blood bank) on the emergency vehicle is adjusted and supported by reliable refrigeration, heating and heat-exchange equipment, and temperature measurement, adjustment, recording and protection apparatus.

Technical Parameters

Transport capacity: Up to 100,000 ml per time
Product Model: KFWS-V-YX
Chassis Model: NJ2045
External dimensions of vehicle (L*W*H)(mm): 5050*2000*2510
External dimensions of shelter (L*W*H)(mm): 2800*2000*1800
Curb weight(kg): 4275
Total weight(kg): 4450
Main Configurations: Refrigerator,
stainless steel rack and shelf for blood and plasma,
temperature recorder,
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