Medical Supply Truck

As an important part of border-defense medical supply system, the medical supply truck is mainly used to store drugs and medical devices under field condition.

With an up to 30m2 spreading area, this special medical vehicle is extraordinary in storing drugs for medical units and supplies for medical facilities, and allowing simple medical analyses and experiments to be done in the cabin.

Main Configurations 
Military duct type air conditioner, assembled rack, refrigerator, special storage cabinet, hand-washing device, medical kit box, conference equipment, etc.

Since KF has been actively involved in the shelter and special vehicle industry for 10 years, we are able to supply immaculate and cost-effective military medical supply trucks. If you are interested in this medical supply truck, please do not hesitate to call us. Our extraordinary designing and manufacturing capacities and second-to-none service will live up to your expectation.

Related Names: Filed Medical Supply Truck

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