First Aid Shelter (ICU)

The first aid shelter is designed to serve as a mobile ICU that allows for anti-shock, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, ventilation and other life saving measures on serious injuries. Fitted with 4 first-aid beds, the temporary emergency room makes it possible to conduct infusion, blood transfusion, oxygen supply, defibrillation and pace-making, trachea cannula, tracheotomy and other emergent treatment. The first aid shelter an important part for mobile hospital system.

Used in combination with other expandable shelters, the shelter for first aid treatment is able to build a modular system like mobile hospital.

Main Configurations of First Aid Shelter
Two-sided expandable shelter, first-aid bed, respirator, patient monitor, defibrillator, infusion pump, electrocardiograph

Technical Parameters
External dimensions before expansion (L*W*H): 6058*2438*2438 mm
Internal dimensions before expansion (L*W*H): ≮5200*1730*2100 mm
External dimensions after expansion (L*W*H): 6058*5845*2438 mm
Internal dimensions after expansion (L*W*H): ≮5200*5750*2100(main cabin)/2000(side cabin) mm

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