X-ray and Sterilization Shelter

The X-ray and sterilization shelter delicately designed and crafted by KF is perfect for X-ray diagnosis and sterilization. It’s an important part of mobile hospital.

The basic functions of X-ray area and sterilization area are listed as follows:
1. X-ray shelter: to fulfill X-ray diagnosis task for the wounded and sick and to conduct standing and clinostatic radiographic diagnosis on head, chest, belly, lumbar vertebra, arms and legs for patients.
2.Sterilization shelter: to carry out washing, sterilization and storage for operating instruments and washing for cloth sheet, surgical dressing, etc.

Main Configurations of X-ray and Sterilization Shelter
Ultrasonic cleaner
High-pressure sterilizer
Digital radiography system
Film printer
Film viewer
Air conditioner

Technical Parameters of X-ray and Sterilization Shelter
External dimensions before expansion (L*W*H): 6058*2438*2438 mm
Internal dimensions before expansion (L*W*H): ≮5200*1730*2100 mm
External dimensions after expansion (L*W*H): 6058*5845*2438 mm
Internal dimensions after expansion (L*W*H): ≮5200*5750*2100(main cabin)/2000(side cabin)mm

KF has rich experience in manufacturing all kinds of special medical shelters. Our shelter for X-Ray diagnosis and sterilization is well received domestically and internationally. You can totally trust our excellent team of well-experienced designers, engineers and technicians.

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