Medical Care(Specialty Vehicle and Shelter Solution for Medical Assistance)

    1. Mobile HospitalOur mobile hospital is available in two types, shelter type and vehicle type, both of which are composed of three units, i.e., medical unit, ward unit and living support unit.
    1. Blood Service VehicleThe field blood transport truck is able to run under harsh climate and road conditions, ensuring the safe transport of blood and frozen plasma at field. The temperature in blood bank is well suitable for the storage and preservation of blood and plasma.
    1. AmbulanceKF has years of experience in crafting all kinds of high-quality ambulances, including field ambulance, military ambulance, ambulance for disaster-affected areas, etc. If you are looking for some reliable and cost-effective ambulances, please give us a call.
    1. Medical Supply TruckWith an up to 30m2 spreading area, this special medical vehicle is extraordinary in storing drugs for medical units and supplies for medical facilities, and allowing simple medical analyses and experiments to be done in the cabin.
    1. Surgery Shelter (Operation Theatre) The surgery shelter is able to hold 2 unfolded operating tables, ideal for conducting chest drainage, abdominal exploration, craniotomy and other emergency operations on serious injuries.
    1. First Aid Shelter (ICU) Fitted with 4 first-aid beds, the temporary emergency room makes it possible to conduct infusion, blood transfusion, oxygen supply, defibrillation and pace-making, trachea cannula, tracheotomy and other emergent treatment.
    1. Triage and Lab ShelterThe triage and lab shelter is able to carry out injury classification for the wounded and sick, and conduct blood / biochemical / bacteria / blood matching inspections. It’s an important part for mobile hospital.
    1. X-ray and Sterilization ShelterThe X-ray and sterilization shelter delicately designed and crafted by KF is perfect for X-ray diagnosis and sterilization. It’s an important part of mobile hospital.
    1. Surgical Preparation Shelter (Preoperation) The non-expandable medical shelter is fitted with male and female dressing rooms, in the front of which there are washing sinks. The washing sinks make it convenient for doctors and nurses to wash hands before and after operation, and clean instruments after operation.
    1. Ward ShelterThe ward shelter is installed with 9 sickbeds for patient observation, widely applied for filed living support, emergency hospital, etc.
    1. Medical Workstation / Pharmacy ShelterThe delicately manufactured multi-function military shelter is well received by both domestic and overseas clients, and we believe the medical workstation or pharmacy shelter will live up to your expectations as well.

As the best representatives of field emergency equipment, the special vehicles and shelters for medical assistance feature high mobility, fast deployment, complete functions, high-level informatization, etc. The field medical vehicles and field medical shelters are used to treat the wounded and the sick in wartime and to conduct disaster relief and emergency treatment in peacetime. By means of system digitalization and informatzaiton, the field special medical shelters and vehicles ensure real-time interaction and communication between mobile field hospital and headquarters military hospital, realizing remote diagnosis.

Technical Advantages
Since 2008, KF has been conducting R&D on specialty vehicles and shelters with a medical equipment research institute of PLA, responsible for the research and production of field medical equipment of Bulgarian National Army Field Hospital, Lhasa Armed Police Shelter Hospital, Tibet Emergency Mobile Hospital, etc. If you need specialty vehicle and shelter solution for medical assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.