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Mobile Laboratory(Biosafety Level 3 Lab)

The mobile laboratory can reach infected areas rapidly for immediate pathogens collection, separation and inspection when public health emergencies break out.

Consisting of two shelters (30 feet containers) and enclosed soft link passage, the bio laboratory with three distractions, two buffers and two transfers is fully compliant with the design criteria of Chinese BSL.

1.Brand new air conditioning system with five-rank pressure gradient
2.The biosafety level 3 lab can automatically monitor and adjust parameters of environmental state
3. Inflatable door sealing technology ensures high system safety.
4. Capacious main lab with complete functions has fine flexibility
5. The temporary laboratory is suitable for road transportation (like truck, half-trailer) and ocean shipping.

Technical Parameters
External dimensions (L*W*H): 9125*2438*2896mm
Weight: 10000 kg
Operating temperature: -30 ºC to +41 ºC
Storage temperature: -41 ºC to +70 ºC

Main Configurations of Biosafety Level 3 Lab
Main operation room
Assist operation room
Soft link passage
Power supply system
Air control system
Water supply and wastewater treatment system
Air supply system
Automatic control system
Lab equipment

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