Biological Sampling Vehicle

The biological sampling vehicle is a specialty vehicle designed for biological sampling under negative pressure. It is the first Chinese safe and protective vehicle used to collect, sterilize, temporarily store and transport suspect epidemic biologic samples. This mobile sampling vehicle is excellent in fast collecting the samples of high pathogenetic disease source, largely ensuring medical staff safety and effectively protecting environment during transportation.

Technical Parameters of Biological Sampling Vehicle

External dimensions (L*W*H): 4845*2000*2500mm
Weight: 3355kg
Operating temperature: -30 ºC to +41 ºC
Operating pressure: -20Pa to -50Pa
Main Configurations: Airtight container for protective suit, Airtight container for animal,
Airtight cabinet for storage,
Ventilation filter,
Positive pressure protective suit,
Small-scale refrigerator,
Aerosol sprayer for vehicle sterilization Interior fumigation/ sterilization unit

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