Sanitary Inspection Vehicle

As a kind of specialty vehicle for sanitary inspection and toxic material testing, the sanitary inspection vehicle is able to conduct quick on-site inspection, sorting and preliminary analysis of poisonous and harmful substances in food, drinking water and agricultural products as well as sanitation of public places, working environment, etc..

We are also able to customize the sanitary inspection vehicle with different functions according to your specific demands, such as water quality testing, atmospheric detection, etc.

1.The mobile station for sanitary inspection can provide biological, chemical, liquid and gas sampling, storage and transport functions according to the sanitation supervision requirements.
2. The sanitary inspection vehicle can conduct various regular supervision and inspection experiments; duration of each inspection test generally does not exceed 10 minutes (30 minutes at most for some extremely particular cases).
3. Communication, wireless Internet access as well as data and image transmission allows for timely data summarization and processing.
4. The spacious multi-function inspection vehicle allows 3 persons to conduct inspection test at the same time.

Main Configurations of Sanitary Inspection Vehicle
Experiment table, incubator, refrigerator, air heater, air conditioning system, etc.

KF has been engaged in the shelter and special vehicle industry for ten years. If you are looking for a temporary sanitary inspection station, please send us an email. We are looking forward to our sincere cooperation with you in the near future.

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