Vehicle for Epidemic Prevention

The vehicle for epidemic prevention is widely used for eliminating outdoor bacteria, mosquitoes, flies, and other vector insects.

Functions of Vehicle for Epidemic Prevention
Sterilizing unit Vehicle spray, liquid tank, electrical control system, etc. Mainly used for disinfection and insecticide.
Support supply unit Generator, monitoring system, etc. Mainly used for disinfection and monitor the disinfection equipment operation.
Auxiliary unit Air conditioning system, the spare tire and spare tire mobile systems, fire extinguishers, lights and alarm lamp, etc. Providing the micro environment and safety support for the all the equipments and disinfection equipments.

Its insecticidal treatment area per hour is not less than 100,000m2, or disinfection treatment area each time is not less than 500m2.

Main Configurations List
spray machine, smoke machine, knapsack sprayer, main liquid tank, auxiliary liquid tank, storage box, small medipak, generator set

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