Hygiene and Biocontrol (Specialty Vehicle for Health Care)

    1. Mobile Laboratory (Biosafety Level 3 Lab)Consisting of two shelters (30 feet containers) and enclosed soft link passage, the bio laboratory with three distractions, two buffers and two transfers is fully compliant with the design criteria of Chinese BSL.
    1. Biological Sampling Vehicle This mobile sampling vehicle is excellent in fast collecting the samples of high pathogenetic disease source, largely ensuring medical staff safety and effectively protecting environment during transportation.
    1. Sanitary Inspection VehicleThe specialty vehicle for sanitary inspection and toxic material testing is able to conduct quick on-site inspection, sorting and preliminary analysis of poisonous and harmful substances in food, drinking water and agricultural products as well as sanitation of public places, working environment, etc..
    1. Vehicle for Epidemic PreventionThe vehicle for epidemic prevention is widely used for eliminating outdoor bacteria, mosquitoes, flies, and other vector insects.
      Its insecticidal treatment area per hour is not less than 100,000m2, or disinfection treatment area each time is not less than 500m2.

Centered at the Mobile BSL-3 Lab, the specialty vehicle for health care incorporates such components as negative pressure sampling and transportation equipment and positive pressure protective equipment. Often used in hygiene and biocontrol industries, our specialty vehicles boast high mobility and agility, quick response and high safety and reliability, etc.

The special field vehicles for health care are able to reach infected areas rapidly for immediate pathogens collection, separation and inspection. Also, the military vehicles for epidemic prevention can show up in the form of a biocontrol support branch (team) to handle public health emergencies, playing an irreplaceable role in field health and epidemic prevention system as anti-terrorism situation becomes increasingly austere.

Technical Advantages of Specialty Vehicle for Health Care
KF owns independent intellectual property rights of key technologies of the Mobile BSL-3 Lab. And the overall performance of our specialty vehicles is in line with that of similar foreign products; the technical indicators are totally compliant with related national standards; the process layout, key protective equipment, ventilation control, sewage treatment, mobility, agility and other core aspects are even superior to those of foreign similar products. Besides, we have accumulated rich techniques and experience for negative pressure sampling and transportation equipment, field washing and sterilization equipment, etc.