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5-10 Ton Refrigerator Truck

We offer four models of refrigerator truck which comes with loading capacity between 5 and 10 tons. The chassis is introduced from Foton, ISUZU or Dongfeng. We can also customize refrigerator truck to meet your specific application requirements.

Chassis model ISUZU QL5140XXY9RFR (wheelbase:5800mm)
Engine model 4HK1-TCG40 ISUZU 4-cylinder 189 horsepower
External dimensions (L*W*H) 10000*2510*3700 mm
Internal dimensions (L*W*H) 7400*2310*2200 mm
Load capacity 6626 kg
Weight 14000 kg
Volume 37.6 m3
Chassis model FOTON BJ1149VKPEA-FA(wheelbase:4700mm)
Engine model ISF3.8s4168 FOTON Cummins 4-cylinder 170 horsepower
External dimensions (L*W*H) 8450*2450*3520 mm
Internal dimensions (L*W*H) 6000*2210*2100 mm
Load capacity 8100 kg
Weight 14495 kg
Volume 27.8 m3
Chassis model ISUZU QL5160XXYAQFRY (wheelbase:5550mm)
Engine model 6HK1-TCNG40 ISUZU 6-cylinder 240 horsepower
External dimensions (L*W*H) 9700*2530*3800 mm
Internal dimensions (L*W*H) 7180*2310*2300 mm
Load capacity 7520 kg
Weight 16000 kg
Volume 38 m3
Chassis model DONGFENG DFL5160XXYBX1A (wheelbase:5600mm)
Engine model ISDe21040 DONGFENG Cummins 6-cylinder 210 horsepower
External dimensions (L*W*H) 9995*2520*3740; 9995*2520*3640 mm
Internal dimensions (L*W*H) 7400*2310*2200; 7400*2310*2100 mm
Load capacity 7605 (7955) kg
Weight 16000 kg
Volume 37.6/35.8 m3
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