Refrigeration (Refrigerator Truck)

    1. Refrigerated Truck (Less than 2 Ton)

      The refrigerated truck is a special truck with container for weight under 2 Ton. As a professional special vehicle manufacturer in China, our company offers you a variety of refrigerated trucks with the load capacity below 2 tons.

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    1. 2-5 Ton Refrigerator TruckThe refrigerated truck, equipped with powerful diesel engine from Isuzu, Foton Cummins or Dongfeng Cummins, enjoys the load capacity of 2 to 5 tons. The volume of the refrigerated zone ranges from 14 to 32.5 cubic meters.
    1. 5-10 Ton Refrigerator TruckWe offer four models of refrigerator truck which comes with loading capacity between 5 and 10 tons. The chassis is introduced from Foton, ISUZU or Dongfeng. We can also customize refrigerator truck to meet your specific application requirements.
    1. Refrigeration Truck (More than 10 Ton)

      Three models of refrigeration truck with loading capacity more than 10 ton are described here. The maximum load capacity reaches 25,000 kilograms. These refrigerated trucks are equipped with powerful 6-cylinder engines from Isuzu or Dongfeng Cummins.

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Refrigerator truck is fully-enclosed van-type vehicle for delivering frozen and fresh cargos or special transport vehicle fitted with refrigerating plant and polyurethane thermal insulation compartment. The compartment-type transport vehicle is usually used to transport frozen food, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, vaccines and medicines, etc.

Usually, a refrigerated truck is installed with a thermal insulation compartment and refrigerating plant, and some refrigerator trucks also incorporate a heat cycle system, which helps maintain the inside temperature within the designated range when outside temperature is lower than the required temperature for shipping goods.

What KF Can do
KF is able to select or customize the most applicable and cost-effective refrigerated trucks (including food refrigerated truck, dairy product transport truck, fresh goods transport truck, bread refrigerated truck, medicine transport truck, vaccine refrigerated truck and so on) in accordance with the suitable temperature and space for your specific shipping demands.

The chassis will be purchased from famous chassis brands according to your preference and requirement, and the thermal insulation compartments will be delicately manufactured by us.

The thermal insulation compartments with "sandwich" type large plate bonding structure are crafted with the internationally used processing technologies---by sticking rigid polyurethane foams to inside and outside skins, and shaping under high pressure and high temperature. The interior of the compartment is made of top-quality aluminum alloy profiles, featuring flat and beautiful surface and solid structure.

There are a lot options for floor, like pattern aluminum floor, shaped floor, stainless steel flat floor, embossed stainless steel floor, H-shaped floor, rectangular shaped floor, etc. You are also free to choose aluminum alloy or stainless steel for your compartment. The back door with a door hook is sealed with multi-layer maze-style adhesive tapes, boasting excellent sealing performance. The door frame adopts stainless steel materials and the rear of the compartment is fitted with well-designed bumpers and rubber bumper blocks, ensuring high safety and aesthetics. In addition, there are several refrigerating plant brands available and you can choose the one you desire.

Customization service is always available. We are glad to develop and craft refrigerator trucks on your specific demands.

Features of Refrigeration
1.The overall molded compartment and advanced processing technologies ensure extraordinary heat insulation performance, energy-saving performance and environment-friendly performance.
2. The internal space can be flexibly utilized for holding multiple kinds of goods.

Technical Advantages
KF possess independent intellectual property rights of key technologies of the Mobile BSL-3 Lab, the overall performance of our refrigerated truck is in line with that of similar foreign products; the technical indicators are totally compliant with related national standards; the process layout, key protective equipment, ventilation control, sewage treatment, mobility, agility and other core aspects are even superior to those of foreign similar products. Besides, we have accumulated rich techniques and experience for negative pressure sampling and transportation equipment, field washing and sterilization equipment, etc.