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CKD Refrigerated Truck Body

Since its inception in 2003, KF has been actively engaged in the shelter and special vehicle industry. Over the past decade, we have won large quantities of honors and clients all over the world. However, KF never stops its struggle for being better. We continuously pump a large amount of money into R&D to satisfy clients’ increasing demands. The specially designed CKD refrigerated truck bodies are extremely useful. We believe the refrigerated container will live up to your expectations.

1. The CKD refrigerated truck body is a totally enclosed cuboid-shaped compartment, possessing great thermal insulation performance and fully meeting the requirement for low-temperature transport.
2. The insulated van compartments with “sandwich” type large plate bonding structure are crafted with the internationally used processing technologies---by sticking rigid polyurethane foams to inside and outside skins, and shaping under high pressure and high temperature. The extremely flat internal and external surfaces and the arc-shaped outside skin made of aluminum alloy profile ensure the inside is solid and beautiful.
3. You are free to choose your favorite aluminum floor of the CKD refrigerated truck body, like aluminum pattern sheet, H-shaped floor, T-shaped floor, rectangle-shaped floor, etc.
4. The back door is sealed with multi-layer maze-style adhesive tapes (with up to 5 sealing surfaces), boasting excellent sealing performance.
5. All the hardware fitting of the CKD refrigerated truck body is made of stainless steel.
6. The refrigerated vehicle compartment is installed with a new-type alarm, which can effectively assist trapped people in sending out help signal. An optional self-rescue device is also available.
7. The steal under-frame largely enhances the strength and carrying capacity of the multi-function compartment.

Refrigerated Truck Body Structure
1.Assembly structure: the compartment is pieced together with 6 large plates (front, rear, right, left, top, bottom) referring to general step-type assembly structure.
2. Front wall: there are wooden frameworks and steel embedded parts in the front wall, which will be very helpful for installing refrigerating plant; the depth of the polyurethane foam of the front wall is 100mm.
3. Top and bottom walls: The outside skin of the bottom wall is made of glass epoxy; the surface of the bottom wall is paved with bamboo plywood with 12mm in depth; the depth of the polyurethane foam of the top wall is 100mm.
4. Rest walls: the depth of the polyurethane foams of the rest walls is 80mm.
5. Inside skins: the inside skin of the compartment floor is made of embossed stainless steel sheet, and the inside skins of the rest walls are all made of brushed stainless steel sheet.
6. Compartment final assembly: the wall plates are bonded together with German Henkel 8103 two-component polyurethane adhesive; the inside and outside aluminum profile skins are mounted inside the compartment with rivets filled with adhesive.
(Adhesive: German Henkel 8103 two-component polyurethane adhesive. Sealant: German Henkel 930 sealant )

Technical Parameters of CKD Refrigerated Truck Body
KF can recommend the most suitable materials for compartment and give the quotation in accordance with your specific demand.

Type Model Dimensions(mm) Volume (m3)
Small/narrow compartment 24S 2.4*1.85*1.20 4
33N 3.3*2.20*1.85 12
42N 4.2*2.25*1.85 15
Wide compartment 42W 4.2*2.5*2.0 19
55W 5.5*2.5*2.3 29
80W 8.0*2.5*2.3 43
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