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Wheel Lifter Mechanism (Container Moving Set)

A set of wheel lifter mechanism is mainly made up of wheels, towing bar, turning bar, steering bar and so on. The crawler-type traveling mechanism is ideal for loading/unloading containers and shelters at low speed, and it is mainly applied to transport containers and shelters on paved road (above Chinese National Class II Standard) or carry them in and out of warehouse. Therefore, the wheel lifter mechanism is your optimum selection if you are looking for container moving set.

1.The traveling system is extensively applicable and can be installed on any shelter with corner hole.
2. Plug-in type installation and connection provides the wheel lifter mechanism with advantages such as handy and fast operation as well as reliable linkage.
3. Multiple towing modes make it possible for vehicles powered by both engine and manpower to travel.
4. All parts of the mobile traveling mechanism can be installed onto its matched bracket, so it only takes up a small area and can be pushed to move.

Operating Instructions
1. First, move the wheel lifter mechanism to the front and rear corners of shelter; and then, plug lock head into corner hole and revolve it; finally screw locknut.
2. Install steering bar onto the removable wheels while towing bar and steering bar are on the front part. After finishing the connection, operate manual oil bump to lift the shelter to the needed height.

Technical Parameters
Rated lifting capacity: 12 tons
Rated lifting height: 420mm
Rated speed: less than 25 km/h

Related Names: Container Traveling Mechanism

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