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The KF tents are applicable under circumstances with temperature of -30ºC to 50 ºC and relative humidity above 90%, keeping the existing tactical and technical indexes and major materials’ physical and chemical properties unchanged. The well crafted multi-function tents are adaptable to extreme heat at plateau, resistant to salt-spray corrosion at seaboard, and effective in preventing nuclear biological chemical pollution. Besides, the tents are usable under the circumstance with 5 grade wind (9.4m/s) and 8mm/h rainfall(medium rain or snow), and on any land with less than 3% slope expect hard rock, desert and weak soil with less than 21% water content.

Apart from meeting the requirements for various basic field survival applications, the KF tents and their supporting transportation platform allow for quick connection between tents or between tents and related vehicles (shelters), creating specifically functional medium and large offices and residential places as various functional applications and supporting parts of field hospitals, command posts, maintenance shops, etc. Such tents have been widely used by the armies and polices of European countries.

Main Configurations of Tents
Air conditioning system, power distribution system, illuminating system, loading and transportation system, etc.

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