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    1. Double-side Expandable Shelter (Manual Type) Manufactured using our patented high technologies and in line with China National Military Standard, this multi-function shelter offers a capacious space. And the movable shelter is well applicable for command post, mobile hospital, mobile library, meeting room, mobile home, etc.
    1. Two-side Expandable Shelter (Hydraulic Type)Equipped with a hydraulic system and dumbbell-style rubber hinge, this two side expandable shelter, which comes with hydraulic driven expandable container, can be automatically unfolded on vehicle or ground, covering an area of 33.7m2(33.2 usable area) within 2 minutes.
    1. Two-side Expandable Shelter ( Electric Type) The two side expandable shelter comes with electric operated slide out container and features electric/manual dual mode expansion, making sure it is convenient to operate within 3 minutes, offering a 30.2 ㎡ usable area.
    1. Single-side Expandable Shelter (Manual Type) The single side expandable shelter is available with a manual operated expandable container (1:2) can offer 23.1m² usable area and its external dimensions are in line with an ISO 20ft international shipping container. The side cabin can be set up with sandwich panel and/or tent.
    1. Single-side Expandable shelter (with Tent) When used singly, the soft side expandable shelter is able to create various functional shelters, such as meeting room, command post, library, field office, etc.; when used in combination with other expandable/fixed shelters ...
    1. Non-Expandable Shelter (Fixed Shelter)The external dimensions of the non-expandable shelter are the same as these of an ISO 20ft international shipping container, and it covers a 12.8 ㎡ usable area.
    1. Mobile Command Post (Manual Expandable Shelter)The mobile command vehicle can effectively receive and display audio and video signals from communication vehicle, and clearly show real-time battlefield situation, well applicable for on-scene command.
    1. Mobile Command Post (Hydraulic Expandable Shelter)The mobile command post is excellent in receiving and displaying audio and video signals from technical support vehicle in real time, showing battlefield situation, collecting information on casualties and conducting on-scene command.
    1. Mobile Command Post (Fixed Shelter)Using a fixed shelter, the top-quality specialty vehicle provides an up to 12.8m2 area for command operation. While traveling, the mobile command post allows 1 to 2 persons to work uninterruptedly.
    1. Mobile Communication VehicleThe mobile communication vehicle allows for data/voice compatibility, automatic linking, and link self-inspection, creating a system together with reconnaissance vehicles of headquarters, military region and division.
    1. Emergency Communication VehicleThe video recording device at the front of the emergency communication truck features high maneuverability, high degree of invisibility and round-the-clock operation and long-time recording.
    1. Medical Support VehicleThe remote communication system can collect real-time audio and video information from on-scene emergency room, operation room and ward room temporarily set up by field hospital.
    1. Specialty Truck for Construction Monitoring and Data ControlThe specialty truck for construction monitoring and data control purpose is divided into two kinds, namely network controlled vehicle and manually controlled vehicle, applicable for acidification, sand prevention, fracturing treatment in onshore oil and gas wells.
    1. Mobile Vending Truck

      The mobile vending truck saves you from spending much money on store rent and worrying about low traffic due to bad location and makes it possible to sell your products at any location you want.

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    1. Mobile Kitchen Vehicle The mobile kitchen fitted with staple and non-staple food processing equipment allows for washing, refrigerated storage, vegetable cutting, distribution, etc. It can serve as military kitchen vehicle, food vending vehicle, etc.
    1. Kitchen TrailerMobile kitchen trailer is prepared for military or civilian uses. It can cook for the military, civil staff who doesn’t live in the steady place, it also can cook for the logistics, military or civil facilities, and field hospitals under the sanitary conditions.
    1. Laundry Vehicle The well applicable mobile laundry trailer is gaining its popularity for its large washing capacity, high mobility and satisfactory cleaning and drying performance. Due to its extraordinary performance, the laundry vehicle can be used as field laundry truck.
    1. Toilet TruckCompletely compliant with the dimension requirements of relevant regulations, the mobile toilet allows ten people to use simultaneously.
    1. Power Station VehicleThe power station vehicle is excellent in providing power support for matched vehicle, electric equipment used under field condition, power-off or no-power remote regions and disaster-hit areas.
    1. Basic Life Support Vehicle

      The basic life support vehicle is a kind of specialty vehicle designed to provide outdoor personnel with relatively comfortable living conditions and necessary equipment like kitchen, shower and toilet for daily usage.

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    1. Shower TruckDesigned with self-actuated structure, this field shower truck allows 4 to 10 persons to shower simultaneously and supports autonomous power supply (vehicle generator), external electric grid supply and power van supply.
    1. Water Purification TruckThe water purification truck is effective in deeply purifying tap water, well water, river water and so on, effectively removing various pollutants and conveniently making drinkable water.
    1. Hot Food and Water Delivery VehicleThe hot food and water delivery vehicle with a triple-mode power supply is capable of delivering hot food and soups for 500 persons at a time, fast giving out food , and effectively washing, sterilizing and drying tableware after dinner, and even offering hot water.
    1. Camping VehicleThis filed camping vehicle stands out with high safety, mobility, reliability, maintainability, good-looking internal and external appearances, unified ergonomic design and great compatibility with chassis for different transport requirements.
    1. Mobile Kitchen and Laundry (Shelter)The mobile kitchen is fitted with hot food preparation and heating equipment, suitable for making any delicious food; the mobile laundry room is equipped with a laundry machine and dryer, capable of washing bedclothes and clothes with 40kg in dry weight per hour and drying 40kg laundry per half hour.
    1. Mobile Toilet and Shower (Shelter)The product is a non-expandable shelter with male and female shower rooms and toilet rooms. The mobile shower allows 4 persons to use simultaneously, and the mobile toilet is equipped with 4 toilets, 3 urinals and 2 hand sinks.
    1. Mobile HospitalOur mobile hospital is available in two types, shelter type and vehicle type, both of which are composed of three units, i.e., medical unit, ward unit and living support unit.
    1. Blood Service VehicleThe field blood transport truck is able to run under harsh climate and road conditions, ensuring the safe transport of blood and frozen plasma at field. The temperature in blood bank is well suitable for the storage and preservation of blood and plasma.
    1. AmbulanceKF has years of experience in crafting all kinds of high-quality ambulances, including field ambulance, military ambulance, ambulance for disaster-affected areas, etc. If you are looking for some reliable and cost-effective ambulances, please give us a call.
    1. Medical Supply TruckWith an up to 30m2 spreading area, this special medical vehicle is extraordinary in storing drugs for medical units and supplies for medical facilities, and allowing simple medical analyses and experiments to be done in the cabin.
    1. Surgery Shelter (Operation Theatre) The surgery shelter is able to hold 2 unfolded operating tables, ideal for conducting chest drainage, abdominal exploration, craniotomy and other emergency operations on serious injuries.
    1. First Aid Shelter (ICU) Fitted with 4 first-aid beds, the temporary emergency room makes it possible to conduct infusion, blood transfusion, oxygen supply, defibrillation and pace-making, trachea cannula, tracheotomy and other emergent treatment.
    1. Triage and Lab ShelterThe triage and lab shelter is able to carry out injury classification for the wounded and sick, and conduct blood / biochemical / bacteria / blood matching inspections. It’s an important part for mobile hospital.
    1. X-ray and Sterilization ShelterThe X-ray and sterilization shelter delicately designed and crafted by KF is perfect for X-ray diagnosis and sterilization. It’s an important part of mobile hospital.
    1. Surgical Preparation Shelter (Preoperation) The non-expandable medical shelter is fitted with male and female dressing rooms, in the front of which there are washing sinks. The washing sinks make it convenient for doctors and nurses to wash hands before and after operation, and clean instruments after operation.
    1. Ward ShelterThe ward shelter is installed with 9 sickbeds for patient observation, widely applied for filed living support, emergency hospital, etc.
    1. Medical Workstation / Pharmacy ShelterThe delicately manufactured multi-function military shelter is well received by both domestic and overseas clients, and we believe the medical workstation or pharmacy shelter will live up to your expectations as well.
    1. Mobile Laboratory (Biosafety Level 3 Lab)Consisting of two shelters (30 feet containers) and enclosed soft link passage, the bio laboratory with three distractions, two buffers and two transfers is fully compliant with the design criteria of Chinese BSL.
    1. Mobile Lab Vehicle for Sample Collection and Testing This mobile lab is able to effectively protect people during sampling and inspection and protect environment during transportation.
    1. Biological Sampling Vehicle This mobile sampling vehicle is excellent in fast collecting the samples of high pathogenetic disease source, largely ensuring medical staff safety and effectively protecting environment during transportation.
    1. Sanitary Inspection VehicleThe specialty vehicle for sanitary inspection and toxic material testing is able to conduct quick on-site inspection, sorting and preliminary analysis of poisonous and harmful substances in food, drinking water and agricultural products as well as sanitation of public places, working environment, etc..
    1. Vehicle for Epidemic PreventionThe vehicle for epidemic prevention is widely used for eliminating outdoor bacteria, mosquitoes, flies, and other vector insects.
      Its insecticidal treatment area per hour is not less than 100,000m2, or disinfection treatment area each time is not less than 500m2.
    1. Refrigerated Truck (Less than 2 Ton)

      The refrigerated truck is a special truck with container for weight under 2 Ton. As a professional special vehicle manufacturer in China, our company offers you a variety of refrigerated trucks with the load capacity below 2 tons.

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    1. 2-5 Ton Refrigerator TruckThe refrigerated truck, equipped with powerful diesel engine from Isuzu, Foton Cummins or Dongfeng Cummins, enjoys the load capacity of 2 to 5 tons. The volume of the refrigerated zone ranges from 14 to 32.5 cubic meters.
    1. 5-10 Ton Refrigerator TruckWe offer four models of refrigerator truck which comes with loading capacity between 5 and 10 tons. The chassis is introduced from Foton, ISUZU or Dongfeng. We can also customize refrigerator truck to meet your specific application requirements.
    1. Refrigeration Truck (More than 10 Ton)

      Three models of refrigeration truck with loading capacity more than 10 ton are described here. The maximum load capacity reaches 25,000 kilograms. These refrigerated trucks are equipped with powerful 6-cylinder engines from Isuzu or Dongfeng Cummins.

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  • CKD Refrigerated Truck Body

    The CKD refrigerated truck body is a totally enclosed cuboid-shaped compartment, possessing great thermal insulation performance and fully meeting the requirement for low-temperature transport.

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    1. Wheel Lifter Mechanism (Container Moving Set)

      The crawler-type traveling mechanism is ideal for loading/unloading containers and shelters at low speed, and it is mainly applied to transport containers and shelters on paved road (above Chinese National Class II Standard) or carry them in and out of warehouse.

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    1. Tent

      The KF tents are applicable under circumstances with temperature of -30ºC to 50 ºC and relative humidity above 90%, keeping the existing tactical and technical indexes and major materials’ physical and chemical properties unchanged.

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