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Successful Cases

Since its inception in 2003, KF has been trying its best to produce leading-edge shelters and special vehicles. Our products like expandable shelter, refrigerated truck, mobile vendor, mobile hospital, and so on are well-received and highly-praised by domestic and overseas clients. The following are some typical successful cases.

Case No.1

Time: 2012
Country or region: South America
Purchased product: mobile hospital
Description: The mobile hospital has become the first mobile hospital in the local area, consisting of 11 expandable shelters and 5 non-expandable shelters. This mobile hospital is mainly applied to conduct first-aid treatment once emergency takes place and carry out regular medical care in remote areas. This mobile hospital significantly improves the mobile medical treatment level of the local area and largely attributes to local people's health, highly praised by the local people.

Case No.2

Time: 2013
Country or region: Armenia
Purchased product: mobile vendors
Description: The external appearance and internal equipment are tailor-made in accordance with the client's requirements. And these mobile vendors are being sold locally and well-received by the local people.

Case No.3

Time: 2012
Client: Lenovo
Country or region: China
Purchased product: nearly 100 brand-new meat delivery refrigerated trucks

Case No.4

Client: MacDonald's
Country or region: China
Purchased product: refrigerated trucks

Case No.5

Client: KFC
Country or region: China
Purchased product: refrigerated trucks
Description: We have established good cooperative relationships with KFC and MacDonald's. Our refrigerated trucks ensure they can provide customers with extremely fresh food.